The nanny state comes for a visit and decides to stay forever. From the United Kingdom where government do-gooders reign supreme comes a proposal to standardize child rearing according to the dictates of the supreme authority; the health establishment. As all parents are too incompetent to know what’s best for their children, Big Brother will soon set the protocol for introducing children to alcohol. In most countries governments still assume that no parent wants their little darlings to turn into truculent, slobbering drunks. In Britain the nannies know better. Without state guidance parents are clueless and the libertarian past must be brought to an end by regulating alcohol consumption in the home.

A proposal circulating the halls of power would dissuade parents from allowing children under 12 from consuming alcohol, even the tiny amounts of wine mixed with water that parents for centuries have given children. The rationale for this rude intrusion into family affairs is based on the current hysteria about under-aged binging that has caught the attention of the nation. Binging, under-aged or otherwise, is not a problem in western Europe where the old ways, at least regarding alcohol, hold sway. It wasn’t a problem in the United Kingdom until Big Health took control and set its sights on eliminating behavior it hated. Drinking, smoking and even eating the wrong things are all to be eliminated. Populations must get with the program and get in shape. Above all, control must be transferred from the individual and family unit to the state.

The proposal to impose the age limit at home is advisory rather than legally binding. Advisory policies, such as seat belt usage, inevitably become legally binding although how the state would be able to enforce its age limit is a question that must concern all citizens. Would teachers interrogate students about home alcohol usage? Would children be encouraged to rat out parents who ignore the limit? Would neighborhood gossip be scrutinized to uncover deviancy? Would homes be required to be wired for monitoring devices? As absurd as the preceding seems never underestimate the brutal drive to bring everyone, everywhere under the umbrella of government control.



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