Best holiday wishes to you all. We are suspending publication of our web site for a Christmas vacation. We will return January 7, 2008. To read our Christmas message, click on the link.

Merry Christmas to all our readers. It’s been quite a year and it’s good to reflect beyond the usual mountain of negativity that those fighting for freedom must confront on a daily basis. Mixed in with the bad there has been quite a bit of the good.

During this year we have seen the start of our portal system that includes the multimedia, and much more work is in progress as we speak, to bring your voice to an always greater public.

New bans are creating economic devastation for many business categories in many nations, and more is to come, because the “health authorities” want to meet their goal of a “smoke-free” West by 2010. We can therefore expect a geometrical increase of propaganda, epidemiological statistical frauds and bans on anything from smoking to drinking to eating – and anything else for which the tandem pharmaceutical industry/health establishment will have a common political and commercial interest to promote.

Faced with the threat of prohibition, we are pleased to see a slow but almost unstoppable process of multiplication and unification of those who are determined to oppose or unhinge at the foundations the nihilistic “anti” mentality. England, Germany, the Netherlands, North America and many other areas of the world have and are producing new groups that are interconnecting, communicating, and pooling. We sincerely hope that this process continues and accelerates. There cannot be too many united in the fight against the multi-billion, internationally coordinated industry of oppression.

It is crystal-clear that unification of all those who are hurt by the “anti” mentality, their scientific lies and politics is a must to survive and to restore freedom of choice and enterprise, as there is no doubt that coordinated disobedience and physical resistance will have to be implemented to create that serious and crippling political and social problem which seems to be the only message the politicians, blinded by corrupt medical and activist associations, understand. Although they may not understand the statistical frauds that those associations push on them and on society, they will sure understand our coordinated display of anger.

There seems to be no other way, unless we wish to exist under an ever-tightening, faceless dictatorship run by the WHO bureaucrats in Geneva, their pharmaceutical multinational partners and their marionettes in the ministries of health, which have the job to instigate popular hatred against those who don’t fit their nauseous standards of theoretical health and behaviour.

Enjoy these holidays with the way of life you want – and don’t go to smoke-free, drink-free vegetarian parties. Let the sick and the bigots do that. Enjoy your cigarettes and drinks, your family and your rest. In the meantime read our Manifesto below. Much business awaits us in 2008: the business of liberty.

Yours in FORCES,

— The FORCES International Board of Directors

A manifesto for a free future: a message to healthists

We the smokers, the fat, the drinkers and the “unfit” for the abominable society that your Healthist ideology wants to build state this to their enemies.

We know that your statistics on mortality are an epidemiological fraud. We know that your numbers are a fabrication.

We know that the dangers of passive smoking never existed, and that the passive smoking fraud is merely a tool to assert your ideology.

The banning of lifestyle choices is meant to send the message that those choices are “no longer socially acceptable behaviour”. We understand the message – loud and clear – and we reject it. We state instead that Healthist ideology is not acceptable in society and thus it must be removed, whatever the cost.

Your policy to socially paralyze your targets, so that they cannot function in society unless they cave to Healthist ideology will fail – because we will make it fail.

We shall not quit smoking, alone or before others, nor will we quit drinking or change our food, cars and habits to suit your laws and ideology.
We reject your “encouragements” to lead “healthy lifestyles”. We know that they are good enough as they are, and that we establish what is healthy for us – not “public health”, employers, “experts” or activists. Nor are we scared of the “consequences” for non-compliance. Rather, be careful of the consequences you may foist upon yourselves.
We shall not use pharmaceutical “therapies” as we are not sick. Conversely, we can help you regain sanity.
We shall not hide when smoking, drinking or eating, but we will do so with pride so that everyone can see us. We will not ask for “permission” to use our rights whether you recognize those rights or not – and those rights we shall enforce.
We shall close our ears, hearts and minds to propaganda, and teach others to do the same. As you stated yourselves, the debate is truly over; thus, according to your own ideology, it’s either you or us – and it’s not going to be us.
We shall – morally, intellectually and physically – resist and actively oppose any and all efforts or laws to “make” us live as you have established; and we shall dedicate our effort and industry to preventing the ideological pollution of our children.
We shall smoke in cars and streets and “public places" regardless of the law – and in our homes before our children – as laws that do not respect the dignity of all, themselves do not deserve any respect. We shall encourage others to do the same.
We will spread our smoking, eating and drinking culture everywhere we can, free of shame, with any means we have. That is because we have the right to act against social engineering.
We therefore no longer accept “reasonable restrictions on smoking”, as the “reasonable” keeps on moving towards prohibition and denormalization every single day. We shall boycott, damage and attempt to bankrupt any business that discriminates against smokers, drinkers and fat people.
We shall return any effort to make our life miserable, “difficult”, hard, or impossible to bear in kind – and with the interest accrued over years of pain and suffering.
We shall no longer be reactive but pro-active – and we will pursue you. Our goals are to destroy dishonest junk science and to make its use illegal for political purposes; to restore institutional integrity and dismantle corrupt institutions; to restore freedom of choice and enterprise; to remove political power from Healthist ideology; to make “public health” accountable for its institutional frauds.

To paraphrase your own words, “There is no room for Healthism in an advanced and free society”. It follows that Healthism does not belong to that society, as there cannot be peaceful coexistence with those who don’t believe in peace. As you will be forced to turn to physical coercion, be prepared to meet our physical and social response.

You can count on this promise: the future is not going to be free of choice, or full of choices dictated by fear of authority, scientific fraud and social engineering. We will not be locked away in our homes, that you will put under siege, to exert our choices and express our personalities. The future will be truly free, as it will be free from debased and vicious Healthist ideology once again.

The “public health” charade is over. We know what you are.

— FORCES International



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