Angel Cabrera won the U.S. Open by one stroke over Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk, becoming the only golfer in the tournament to shoot below par twice. Cabrera, who had never won a tournament in this country, is a resident of Argentina, which could explain why he puffed away unabashedly between shots. While golf is not known for the stringent physical regimen associated with other sports, it is never the less inspirational that a man whom anti-tobacco teaches us to hate aced out the hyper physically fit Tiger Woods.

John Daly: proud smoker and winner

Because we don’t have a photograph of Angel Cabrera smoking we include a photo of another golfer who, like Cabrera, refuses to knuckle under the pressure of the control freaks. John Daly is never without a cigarette dangling from his lips on the links throughout the world of professional golfing. His entire life is a repudiation of the "anti" mentality folk who preach self-denial and inculcate a morbid fear of life and death. Wile Cabrera was smoking the fairways Sunday, Daly was the subject of a 60 Minutes piece that, mirable dictu, didn’t deteriorate into an anti-smoking lecture. Quite a day for the smokers in the sports world.

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