It’s the butts, stupid! It’s not the economy, the bailouts, wars or taxation that are considered long-term potentially hazardous pollutants – it’s cigarette butts! Butts are a form of blight, states the University of California, San Francisco, and it’s reasonable to think that marine animals could face nicotine poisoning (what about whaling, sealing, oil spills, overfishing and downright greed). There is a simple answer to this, states UCSF – stop selling filtered cigarettes.

A panel of experts convenes next month in San Francisco to discuss legislative possibilities. It is assumed that UCSF has nothing better to do with it’s time and resources than to convene panels in an effort to wipe cigarette filters off the face of the earth. In our opinion, it is UCSF, a bastion of tobacco junk science, that is the blight on our environment and not the butts it is trying to eliminate.



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