At age 100. Meet Jack Priestly. On the occasion of his one hundredth birthday the UK Telegraph informed that: “Since his first puff in 1917 he has smoked 153,000 cigars and 715,400 cigarettes and drunk a shot of whisky in his morning cup of tea every day since the age of 24. He has not suffered any serious health problems related to smoking or drinking.”

Very old smokers are neither exceptional, nor really anything new, but in our sick times Anti, of course, wants to insure the total extinction of pleasure seekers such as Jack Priestly.

We hope Mister Priestly makes it to 101, and well beyond, living life just as he pleases. We furthermore hope that someday soon, respect for scientific integrity, personal dignity, and precious liberty can be restored to a culture that has turned much for the worse during the second half of Jack Priestly’s long life.

Emulate joyful Jack’s indulgences, or don’t, according to your own free choice. However long you expect to live, do your part, to make it possible that you may live once again in a society that respects its citizens and their freedom.



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