Presidential contender Bill Richardson yesterday called for fat Americans to be protected by the Americans for Disability Act, which would prevent them from being discriminated based on their obesity.

This is an issue of basic civil rights. There are no federal laws that protect obese Americans from discrimination in the workplace, school, or anywhere else. This must change.

Well bravo, Governor Richardson. It’s so inspiring that you stand foursquare against discrimination of those whose personal choices displease the elites that have decided to transform America into their own personal country clubs. Too bad as governor of New Mexico you used your considerable weight to advocate for laws and regulations that discriminate against those who choose to smoke. Higher taxes, a nasty smoking ban and endless sermons from you, a very overweight man, about how it’s the duty of New Mexicans to step up to the plate, as it were, for healthy living.

We give the governor credit for perspicacity in recognizing that Big Health is the scourge of liberty but we give you a big fat zero for worrying only about yourself, a self-identified fatso, when rights are threatened.



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