The downfall of the law firm of Milberg Weiss is consequential not only to the anti-tobacco special interests who applauded its litigating prowess back in the day when it took down Big Tobacco but also for those eager presidential candidates whose campaigns are fueled with anti-tobacco money.

With the bizarre saga of Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu causing acute embarrassment to the Hillary Clinton campaign, the nation is focused on the big money that flows from special interest groups into the political coffers of politicians. Milberg Weiss may not have the dramatic interest of a Norman Hsu who, while a fugitive from the law, still managed to move throughout the halls of power delivering cash to his favorite politicians, but none of the benificiaries of the firm’s largess can be anything but dismayed by the indictments against their campaigns’ sugar daddy. Norman Kjono reports on who received what, how much and to what purpose.



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