As the presidential election heats up the lockstep unity of the Democratic contenders in their hatred of smokers could negatively affect Democrats nationwide, especially in the mountain states, where the party has made recent gains.

Of especial worry is the extremely high negatives of the front runner, Hillary Clinton. Democratic politicians in the western states have gone to great lengths to convince the electorate that they are a new breed of Democrat; fiscally tight, socially liberal and libertarian on the role of government in people’s lives. Mrs. Clinton, of course, is none of these things. A big spender, an uptight prude and a unabashed proponent of heavy doses of paternalism from an all powerful government. Norman Kjono looks at the trends and, despite the mainstream media’s best efforts of omitting facts unpleasant to the busybodies, he finds much that should trouble the Democrats hoping for a western renaissance. They ignore it at their peril.



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