San Francisco, that special, "progressive" city of public urination and defecation has just issued it’s first $100 fine for smoking in a park because an out of towner from a posh suburb didn’t like the old Chinese men smoking while playing cards.

The first citation was issued to one of Chinatown’s poor residents who use the park to escape the dreariness of single room dwellings they inhabit. It’s safe to say that paying the fine will cut deeply into the "violator’s" financial resources. That’s of little concern to the affluent Marina District matron who wrote the smoking law.

Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, who wrote the law, said it was “outrageous” that the first citation was only just issued last week. “Clearly no one is enforcing it,” she said. The supervisor said she would look into “why this is not being implemented.”

Michela, daaarliiing. No one is enforcing the law because the residents of San Francisco don’t give a hoot if people are smoking in the city’s parks. They do mind, however, the escalating murder rate, public defecation, shooting up of drugs and gangs of goons who have made many parks off limits for decent folk. They also hate a governing class that worries more about smoking than pot holes and billion dollar budgets at a time of declining service. The residents don’t hate smokers but that are fed up with fools like you who deflect attention poor performance by siccing the law on old, immigrant Chinese men, each of whom is more valuable to the city than a million Michela Alioto-Piers.



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