And you are not human. You’re a calorie-consuming specimen. That’s the outlook of Healthism, i.e. eugenics, a.k.a. the new Nazism. Now the racial hygienicists want to levy punishing taxes on soda pop. Slate Online describes how this plan and its sequelae will follow the smoker pogrom template.

The Healthists, true blue Hitlerites that they are, do not fail to note that sugar consumption threatens "reduced fitness on the part of military recruits," but do forget to cite in their latest propaganda the “undebatable scientific proof” that fatness is a contagious disease. We remind them here. We remind them also of the need to ostracize both fatties and smokers from every facet of society.

No we’re not really helping the scum. They would have recalled the complete literature of scientific hatred sooner or later, and ultimately, full disclosure of their vicious insanity is what will do them in. In the meantime, enjoy your black market Cokes, along with your black market ciggies.



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