A mesmerizing two hour Google video gives us insight into treason and how treason is instituted and propagated.

"This an attack on the United Kingdom and the perpetrators are guilty of treason."

Brian Gerrish states the above with absolute proof and certainty. He links the Common Purpose organization with the European Union in a design to destroy Britain and force it into subservience. He states that the United Kingdom is under attack and very severely. The purpose is to debilitate and destroy every way of life in the UK. He points out that key people are placed in City Councils, high levels of government and the most frightening of all, the police departments. He gives examples of this. In effect, all levels have been infiltrated to the total detriment of the working man who may try repeatedly to get information but is stalled at every step he takes.

Brian’s video brings to mind the utter and absolute control found in the United States city councils with regard to smoking bans, which are implemented DESPITE the objections, protests and lawsuits launched.



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