Mike Surratt, Lanham of Maryland, is asking why no one is taking on John O’ Hara, president of the Maryland Group Against Smokers’ Pollution, known as GASP.

"Comparing tobacco use around children at the same level as physical, sexual or any other child abuse crimes defined by current laws on the books is absurd. Any person who is 40- or 50-plus years old probably has experienced secondhand smoke in a household or in society, and for some reason, we are still alive. How is that possible? How can so many baby boomers be alive going through the so-called abuse of secondhand smoke? After all, at one time, 50 percent of the population smoked."

"I think all this anti-smoking energy should be redirected to address real problems we all face in today’s world. Let’s fix our economy, infrastructure, morals and corruption and reduce government overspending for a start".

GASP and ASH and the entire anti-tobacco establishments take their argument to outrageous claims, the lies just get bigger and bigger by the day, Their noses must be growing by yards, now instead of inches.



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