Defiance is alive and well in the entertainment district of Toronto.
‘’Oh perhaps there is a short-lived loss of business in the first months of the ban, but the patrons eventually come back,’’ the Anti liars tell us every time they are backed into a corner when asked to account for their despicable pre-ban lies that smoking bans are good for business.

Some owners of hospitality venues say their business does not appreciably suffer and we have no reason to doubt them. There is a market tolerance for some smoke-free establishments but only so much. For bars with a heavily smoking clientèle, and that’s most bars, the bans are positively ruinous.

Lots of places close their doors for good. Others suffer while trying to find ways to stay alive. The free market has this old fashioned way of adjusting according to customer demand and all would have been well for everyone if the zealots had kept their noses out of other people’s businesses.

Two years into the ban Toronto entertainment venues are still struggling: not that we didn’t know it, but it’s refreshing to read a bit of truth in the mainstream media for a change. The Toronto Star, with which we link at bottom this page, is a profoundly nauseating Healthist mouthpiece. Its tone is of course denunciatory in facing a cheerful truth it cannot abide. Defiance is indeed alive and cheerfully well in the entertainment district of Toronto.

There is a great deal in this Toronto Star article to turn your stomach. Business owners whimper when they should be raging. A stripper finds smoking très gauche while a puffing patron says he would certainly respect the law if everybody else did. The notorious “level playing field” philosophy is invoked by one clownish owner who would respect more enforcement. Readers are incidentally expected to believe, because the barmy Star does, that Heather Crowe died from ETS. Cigarette cops are also described in a sidebar in the character of noble enforcers.

The article finkingly names defiant venues too. That should mean more citations courtesy of the Star. It’s all what you’d expect from a fascist rag but none of it can diminish the truth. Defiance is vibrantly alive and wonderfully well in the entertainment district of Toronto. Indeed: “Finding a venue with lax rules is so easy that clubbers can start a cigarette in one establishment and hop to the next before it’s out.” The Star reporter must have gagged in writing that. Good enough for him.

Better news still is that Toronto defiance is typical. We get identical echoes from cities big and small all over the Healthist-controlled world. Some would rather be fined than surrender in cowardice to the tobacco Gestapo, those oh so noble enforcers that show up like rodents in the middle of the night, when least expected.

Now just imagine what would happen if all the smokers and angry business owners disregarded the no-smoking diktat, showing the state and its rodent pack of enforcers all the disgust they deserve, defying them absolutely, pridefully, determinedly. If you think that Tobacco Control would die a sure and well-deserved death in no time flat, you’re catching on, and we need your help.



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