Now, comrades, let’s get something really straight here, as there has to be no doubt left.

Smoking "causes" basically everything from cancer to asthma, from accidents to heart attacks in non-smokers, from pimples to bad marks at school, from poor business to social costs. The list would be too long to mention here, as there would be literally hundreds of entries. There is absolutely, positively nothing good that smoking does.

Get it: smoking is ABSOLUTE EVIL.

The cure? Smoking bans and false information to get smokers to quit.

Smoking bans cure all evil: they improve businesses, reduce cancers and heart attacks, making veritable medical miracles happen, and economic miracles too, "saving" millions while "making" millions. Everybody is so happy with smoking bans, and we mean absolutely everybody: non-smokers, cats and dogs, business managers, smokers too, and mothers, tots, the press (delighted!), the pharmaceutical industry (ecstatic!), and even the tobacco industry (frothing).

And that ain’t all: with smoking bans we reduce car accidents and house fires to a virtual nothingness, while extending life and creating employment, happiness and joy for both smokers and non-smokers. The environment says "Thank you!" and, though asthma is increasing, never mind, even asthmatics are now full of blissful enriching joy.

Smoking bans are ABSOLUTE GOOD.

Yes, we finally discovered that all the diseases of the body, and of the economy, and of society, all hospitalizations, social costs, mental illnesses, facial blemishes, and academic under-achievement too, yes all, all and more and more, are caused by active and passive smoking.

Eliminate smoking and, necessarily, all that will just go away. Elimination of the Great Evil (as defined by expert panels) is the only way to righteousness. Smoking goes first, then alcohol, fatty food, cars, leisure, via regulation of each and every action of individuals, enforced by surveillance, and regular medical tests. That will turn our societies into heavens: just imagine how wonderful a smoke-free world will be!

No more disease, wars, accidents, or economic problems! Hospitals will become truly obsolete institutions as no one will be sick or die anymore. The air will be so sterile that the only cause of death will be, well, the common cold, they can’t lick that. Howard Hughes was so weak from sterile "no level of exposure" seclusion he had one most of the time. Nevertheless, lifestyle epidemiology can take this on, discover that the cause of sneezing is breathing, and ban that!

Happiness and health lie in regulation, prohibition, and control. That makes sense, after all: isn’t heaven the place where "evil" is forbidden?

When intelligence and education reigned, such linear mentality used to belong to clinics where psychosis and mental retardation were treated; today there seem to be uncountable millions of impaired thinkers out there, and majority rules. Nations have become huge clinics where the mentally fit are "helped": they must be "helped," they don’t believe, they don’t pursue the Surgeon General’s heavenly prescription. They must be "educated" to accept that they are afflicted by pernicious intelligence.

Part of the therapy consists in making heretics believe trash studies like the British one we link to at the bottom of this page. "The study shows" that, amongst the endless benefits of smoking bans, there is asthma relief. Here we go. Keep in mind that the piece is aimed at nurses because the "public health" criminals need them to believe that there is a link established between asthma and passive smoking, while that link does not exist. Nurses must be obedient foot soldiers of "public health". From the article (emphases added):

"Three quarters of adults said the new law has been good for their health. Another 43% of asthmatics said they were less worried about having an asthma attack in an enclosed public space."

Hard science indeed! It is understandable that, after the barrage of utterly false information by the British "public health" crooks on smoking, the asthmatics are "less worried." Now their emotions are defined as scientific proof of causality. That is how ideology becomes science: through the magic of self-delusion and information manipulation. Let us take a closer look at this piece of social marketing trash, as it is important to understand the mechanics of the institutional fraud:

The article assumes a fact not in credible evidence, and fails to acknowledge credible facts that discount the claims made. Indeed that is the only way to "prove" that smoking is bad for you.

The 2004 report by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries concerning asthma, for example, demonstrates that all the statements of this article are a fraud. Washington passed its non-industrial workplace smoking ban (excluding hospitality trade) in 1994, thirteen years ago. The full report attributes asthma claims to many industrial contaminants. From 1995 to 2002 state-wide workman compensation claims for asthma increased an average of 7 percent per year.

If tobacco smoke were the cause of asthma attacks one would expect to see a decline in asthma claims. The opposite is true. This has been reflected repeatedly, incidentally, in statistics for general populations: as smoking has declined in our societies over recent decades asthma has climbed steadily and considerably. The sad point is that empirical evidence simply does not count in the holy crusade of "public health" fraud.

The British study tells us, again of emotions, that "half of the asthmatics surveyed say they feel more able to go out to pubs since England became smokefree." Well, that’s interesting, and we wonder:

A. What about the other half of asthmatics who do not "feel" that way? They mean nothing: the first rule of "public health" is to look at one half, not the other one.

B. The opinions expressed by those who "feel more able" run counter to empirical information. It seems to us that nurses and doctors should be familiar with and concerned about what truly does cause asthma attacks, but nurses and doctors are the guards and wardens of the insanity state, who simply and self-righteously parrot "everyone knows" nonsense. Beliefs (delusions) are all to them. Truth means nothing.

C. Where are we here? The personal opinions of disinformed persons form the basis of science according to the antismoking revisionists. We are living in an asylum society.

The silver lining is that the article reveals tobacco control for what it, and social marketing, truly are: commercial advertising to influence public beliefs in support of special interest policy changes regardless of the facts. For sane readers, and there still are many about, it will reinforce the idea that nothing that is antismoking is to be believed.

The report also notes that, "97% of smokers have not lit up in a pub since July 1 and 86% said they have not seen anybody smoke in a bar since the law came into force." The truthfulness of responses regarding disobedience are subject to doubt, likely understated, but that compliance is common seems generally true. Compliance and defiance typically ebb and flow in smoking ban areas. The "smokeasy" phenomenon takes ever-deeper root over time.

We remind our British friends. Obedience rewards tyranny. Defiance defends liberty. Defy antismoking.



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