In a rational world junk science wouldn’t exist. There would be no point or profit to toiling and producing nothing.
Today’s moral incoherence and loss of historical perspective, however, provides the yeast for junk science to rise, mixing big business, paternalistic government and behavior modification quacks and shysters into an unholy alliance of self-interest at the expense of individual freedom.

A case in point is Allstate, which is attempting to increase home insurance rates in Florida by 42 percent, based on a global warming model that predicts more numerous and more destructive hurricanes. Warmer ocean waters, so goes this version of the global warming hoax, lead to the meteorological phenomenon of increased hurricane activity.

Faced with the fact that the past two years have seen a decreaseed number of hurricanes the climate change hucksters have produced yet another climate change model that predicts fewer hurricanes because of warmer ocean waters. The climate change charlatans thus cover all bases. Allstate, of course, uses the model that brings it bigger profits.

Allstate is facing flack from Florida regulators and may, in the short term, have its rate-gouging scheme curtailed. In the long term, however, we’re likely to see unscrupulous businesses unite with government sob sisters to increase insurance rates based on the global warming hoax plus the imposition of "fees" to provide coverage to those who can’t afford it. In any case this one example of junk science predatory pricing is the tip of a metaphorical iceberg that, just like real icebergs, certainly isn’t melting away.



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