Here is the Therapeutic State at its worst. For the public health “authorities” of today, this is the definition of a healthy citizen: “A person waiting to become a patient”.

That is not rhetorical, it is real This piece from Junkfood Science spells it out for us by citing the trash of the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.

Here comes the description of people with "psychiatric disorders." See if this does not fit, in one respect or another, all the people you know:

’Substance use disorders,’ including alcohol use, tobacco use, medicine use, drug use; ‘mood disorders,’ including major depression, dysthymia (bad mood or ‘ill humor’), mania and hypomania (irritability, hypersensitivity, racing thoughts, impulsiveness, decreased sleep, risky sexual activity, wasteful spending, getting in trouble with the law; ‘anxiety disorders,’ including panic disorder and agoraphobia, social phobia and feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment in social situations, specific phobia or general anxiety; conduct and personality disorders, self-denigrating thinking, antisocial personality disorder, problem gambling, dependence, obsessive-compulsive, victimization; and family history and treatments”.


A total of 45.8% of college students and 47.7% of young adults not in college met the criteria for at least one ‘psychiatric disorder.’ The most common disorders identified in college students, according to the authors, were alcohol use disorders (in 20.4%) and personality disorders (17.7%). Among those not in college, 21.6% met the criteria for a personality disorder and 20.7% smoked.

What the professional institutional cons do not say is that much of what describes these “conditions” is induced by the de-normalization, de-socialization and propaganda programs of their colleagues in the “public health” institutions. While alcohol use, tobacco use, and sexual activity (what is “risky” is not defined) are not disorders in the first place (and rating them so raises serious questions about the mental and ideological sanity of the authors) how much of the depression, bad mood, irritability, hypersensitivity, racing thoughts, impulsiveness, decreased sleep, social phobia, and feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment in social situations, or general anxiety and self-denigrating thinking, are due to being told – relentlessly – that you are bad, crazy, and/or a killer of yourself and others?

Is it possibly counter to a person’s well-being to hector him that he is sick, ugly, and nasty? Is it "healthy" to be nagged incessantly that you are guilty of enjoying yourself? Does it help that you are watched by cameras in the streets, surveilled and entrapped when you drive, under siege even by your own children, who have been conditioned in schools to tell you that you are bad because you’re fat, or you smoke, or drink? How much do killing taxation, discrimination on the job based on your lifestyle, fear of losing your rental apartment if you smoke — even being fearful of punishment if your pet is too fat! — have to do with those “conditions”?

You know the answer to all that. You also know that the hybrid of criminals and the mentally deranged that now controls public health institutions is in bad need of a tough therapy based on imprisonment for frauds and abuse of science. It’s the Health Nazis who need real psychiatric care for severe mental problems and intense ideological reorientation. The system that has allowed normal behavior to be transformed into "disorders" is a truly sick system that needs to be destroyed and rebuilt on grounds of sanity and integrity – unless we want to go on living in a worldwide funny farm.



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