Mass media still most often fawn on the "health, safety, and environment" cult, however, as criticism of the cultist ideology grows ever wider and stronger, it has become impossible to ignore entirely.
Criticism of global warming scare-mongering, though often relegated to back pages, is at least showing up here and there. Most heretical of all, debunking of antitobacco has even appeared, admittedly in hedged terms, recently from such generally goose-stepping sources as the Boston Globe, Washington Post, and the BBC.

Furthermore, it cannot but be noticed that many of the most prominent denouncers of antitobacco tyranny in recent times, for instance Hamish Howitt and James Wilson of Great Britain, and the lawyer Mark Benjamin in Minnesota, are non-smokers. They understand, as we at FORCES have long been pointing out, that what is going on is not really about smoking, it’s about oppressive ideology.

The article linked with here, from the widely-circulated National Post of Canada, contains many of the usual hedges, but its author George Jonas (another non-smoker) faces the reality of cultist ideology, driven by fraudulence, now driving social policy. Jonas begins by quoting Czech President Vaclav Klaus denouncing modern environmentalism as dangerous ideology.

Jonas then himself denounces both climate alarmists and antitobacco activists, comparing them to Marxists and Nazis, describing them as bullies and liars. The kinship of today’s cultists to the vicious ideologues of decades past has become too blatant to ignore. The viciousness of antitobacco, and the threat to society of ever-widening oppressions, is a nightmare we all are facing, as more people every day are coming to see. Occasionally even the mainstream press has to acknowledge what is in front of all our noses.



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