Finally a government report we can believe in although it didn’t take a study to reveal what all who can see have known for a long time.
Today’s kids are getting a raw deal. Over-anxious parents are enclosing them in bubble-wrap or confining them like precious bric-a-brac in safe and sterile display cases. Not only are they becoming physically weak but they are growing into neurotic hysterics who cower in terror of a great outside world that means them ill.

The Australian report comes down hard on overprotective parents, citing them for raising children who, because of mummy and daddy’s fear of injury, lack basic survival skills. Many parents actually discourage their offspring from playing sport, denying them the opportunity to develop motor skills.

Society, as well as nervous parents, is also to blame for the quaking children. War and fear of terrorism is dispensed to the kids by a society that is over-focused on threats that are, after all, remote and unlikely to afflict most Australians. Fearful children, warns one child expert, grow up to be fearful adults.

How true and how ironic that this report comes from the New South Wales Commission of Children and Young People. The New South Wales government, along with all levels of government in Australia, dispenses quite a bit of panic to enact its goals of instilling proper behavior. Promulgating the fraud that secondhand smoke is a hazard and the hoax that humans are destroying the climate of the planet is as irresponsible as obsessing on acts of terrorism.

The acts of terrorism, although relatively few, do exist. Teaching kids, as does the entire New South Wales governing class, that death results from an exposure to a wisp of tobacco smoke or that incandescent light bulbs lead to the death of the polar bears, while despicable in itself, does move forward the elite’s goal of shaping human behavior into patterns that advance the elite’s agenda. Parents, and all rational citizens, must recognize that panic is just what is needed to herd the sheep into the pens where they can meekly huddle together, waiting to be fleeced. Do not be afraid to live. Do not be afraid to defy elitist government.



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