Last week we saw a case where the death of an asthma sufferer was reported as “caused by passive smoking" according to a Healthist researcher. Now we see an ideologically corrupt judge trying to set another foundation for a national smoking ban with a worker’s compensation case.

If you’re not familiar with the asthma case we reported last week you may wish to read that article (link above) before continuing with this one. Now we have the report that: “A judge says years of breathing secondhand smoke in an Atlantic City casino gave a dealer lung cancer.”

The short article gives us enough information to dismiss this as a political move — a contribution by a prohibitionist judge who abuses his position in order to "help the cause." This is similar to situations where bureaucrats or legislators who realise that passive smoking propaganda is false, pass bans anyway, tickled at their chance to be fashionably "progressive" in advancing the smoker pogrom. The motive is the same. The arrogance is the same. Abuse of the judicial bench is particularly egregious, but no surprise, as antismoking never stops metastasizing, always causing ever more egregious harm to society, day by day and year by year.

We learn the basics of the Atlantic City case. The “victim” came over from Canton, China in 1990 and her cancer was full blown by 1998. Now, remember that the Industry of Fraud itself has stated repeatedly in the past, that it takes decades of "incubation" for a cancer to develop. If that is true, then the "incubation" of the cancer must have been already established when the lady came over from China.

The article, designed to confirm a culture based on junk science, says it all in the title: “Judge: Cancer caused by casino smoke”. What does it mean? It means that a judge has arbitrarily assigned causality that is not there, because there is no way to know to what other factors the woman has been exposed to before her transfer to the United States, and after. More fundamentally, the cause of cancer simply is not known.

Chinese non-smoking women have very high rates of lung cancer by international standards. Kook theories abound about this. Spousal smoking has no discernible effect. Epidemiological fingers point wildly and randomly, most often at cooking practices, but the point is the recorded incidence is high.

So, women in China are more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer, and cancer develops over decades, all pointing away from this woman’s experience in America, not toward it, but this is not particularly relevant. Passive smoking absolutely does not cause lung cancer. Really the case closes there. Assigning this lady’s malady to passive smoking in the Atlantic City casino is putting nuts on a fruitcake.

What we are seeing here is the witch-hunt/Weltanschlaang phenomenon manifested in the ruling of an ideologically impaired judge. Let’s hope the casino management has enough brains to appeal and the hospitality industries generally have enough stomach to resist inevitable ratcheting of antismoking strong-arm tactics. If they submit in litigation or in their policy there will be no end to their harassment. They will be driven broke and out of business.

This is a very characteristic manoeuvre of the Great Antismoking Fraud. Their ideological beliefs are not demonstrable. They bamboozle authorities with statistical junk, eliciting coercive legislation and hare-brained legal decisions, based on trash assumptions, and no little arrogance. The no-holds-barred intent is to bend the will of smokers and establish the acceptance of prohibition and corrupt science as a social way of life.

Just watch. You need no crystal ball. The antismoking bastards are going to combine this case with last week’s asthma death and go for an all-out nationwide ban while pushing hospitality and other industries to drop opposition out of fear of liability lawsuits. They have been trying this sort of thing for years but the effort is being stepped-up now. This must be countered fiercely. Anything less than total resistance will lose and lose big.

Antismoking proceeds with vicious contempt for truth and honour. Its goal is absolute control through manipulation and terror. The only effective response, to restore truth and honour, is a forceful and absolute rejection of this hateful ideology, from our systems of justice and politics, and from the social fabric. There is no place in decent societies for fascism.



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