This is going to disgust you, but you must read it.
Plumber Torren Eeles of Hertfordshire, UK fell down some stairs, shattering his upper arm and leaving it grotesquely bent out of shape.

Ten months later, his arm remains that way. Can you guess why?

That’s right. Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) refuses to repair this suffering man’s arm because he smokes.

In the comments section of the UK Daily Mail’s article linked below, a poster using the moniker" J, Liverpool" writes "…smoking is a well-recognised factor in slowing bone healing. If this man prioritizes his fags over his arm & there is someone else willing to give up smoking to increase the chance of a successful end result that is his choice."

Of course, the sadistic and unfeeling "J, Liverpool" neglects to recognize that the healing abililty of Mr. Eeles bone is just fine–and that’s why it has fused together at a contorted angle.

We urge you to read the story at the link below, though it’s difficult to stomach, because this deplorable treatment IS what anti-tobacco represents.

We also hope you’ll keep the tragedy of what has happened to Torren Eeles under a government controlled healthcare system in mind while the debate regarding the future of America’s healthcare system carries on.



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