Never forget, a fundamental basis of anti-smoking, is sadism. We link to an article by Doctor Alvaro Manovel at Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald. The doctor bewails ever-encroaching anti-smoking policies which are preventing acute psychiatric patients, many of them institutionalized against their will, from any opportunity to “seek solace with a smoke.” He cites legal proscriptions against restrictive measures, and notes with respect to psychiatric patients, “Clearly allowing them to smoke is far less restrictive than physical restraint and sedation.”

Doctor Manovel says denying smoking to emotionally desperate souls is “arbitrary and cruel.” He moans, “What a sad state we have sunk to.” He fails, however, to understand that sadism is a fundamental basis of contemporary anti-smoking. It is that lack of understanding which permits him to begin his article by stating, “As a doctor I strongly support anti-smoking policies.”

Doctor Manovel wastes his breath begging for mercy from sadistic New South Wales health authorities. Such pleas are the natural source of laughter to them. He wastes his time bemoaning the sad state of things. Doctor Manovel is the problem. When he and others like him learn to fight against the evil of Health Fascism it will fall. The Fascists said long ago that the debate was over. We say the war is on.



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