"Conroy says angry smokers have canceled $3 million worth of bookings since July 5, the day Regent announced it would ban smoking in cabins and on balconies. This despite the fact that smoking still will be allowed in casinos and designated areas of bars."

Isn’t amazing, consumers can – and do – speak with their wallets!

While these smoking bans are currently justified as a "safety issue" so a careless smoker does not burn up another ship – the truth is when the cruise industry tested the non smoking cruise market with a brand new ship designated as entirely non smoking they lost so much revenue that they quietly converted it to a normal cruise ship – that is they allowed smoking on it – and it then booked passengers as per industry standards.

By the way, there is a poll on the original link below, the anti’s are populating it rapidly – would you care to go and cast your vote also?



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