This has been in the works for some time, but with smokers now massively humiliated, worldwide eugenics is ratcheting up a war on drinkers, telling us the effects of secondhand drinking are intolerable, in fact dwarfing those of secondhand smoking. The articles linked with here are accompanied by a number of reader comments, some perceptive others not, with one from the London Daily Mail that serves well as an introduction: "I take it that this is why the government does not care about the number of pubs closing down since the smoking ban: they don’t really want the pubs at all. — Crabapple, Stockport, England"

The Daily Mail reports: "The World Health Organisation’s global strategy will aim to match the success of campaigns which have made smokers feel guilty about the harm secondhand smoke does to others … Rather than focusing on the damage drinkers are doing to their own bodies, the WHO wants to highlight the suffering of the innocent victims of drinkdrivers, domestic violence, child abuse and yobbery [lawlessness], this week’s New Scientist reports … Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians said: ‘The tipping point for banning smoking in public places was third party damage … That is much greater, in terms of violence and damage to unborn children, the first sexual experience and the percentage of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.’ "

Bruno Waterfield, reporting from Brussels for the UK Telegraph, observes: "The EU public health brigade are not far behind, in fact Brussels miserablists in the European Commission’s DG SANCO have been trying to poison the drinking debate with this new assault on reason for years … The figures are meant to be pretty scary. Drink is responsible for 2,000 homicides, four out of 10 of Europe’s annual murders … Children, too, are passive victims of drinking … The link made … between alcohol and crime today, whether violence or child abuse or other social ills, follows not from hard facts but from an outlook that sees human characteristics as damaging in general. And if human beings, particularly when under the influence of stimulants, are destructive, then, the argument goes, social intervention must follow. The idea that almost any activity – drinking, eating, speaking, even thinking – can cause harm is often blown out of proportion and used to generate frightening figures and policies … The sheer absurdity of the idea of “passive drinking” would be funny if the public health lobby was not so powerful and unpleasant … It is no longer a joke or satire … We need to stand up to these people."

It’s incredible what the public can be conned into by Public Health. Eugenics stopped being a joke the day the mad statistician Sir Francis Galton coined the word more than a century ago. It is indeed an outlook that sees human characteristics as damaging in general. The previous apotheosis of eugenics came with its implementation under the Nazi regime and many thought Nazi atrocities would bury eugenics for good. It lives on, though, using the same methods, with the same anti-human outlook, under the thin veneer of new names such as "lifestyle epidemiology" or "social biology." The sheer absurdity of "passive smoking" and "passive drinking" and "passive obesity" are being missed today just as the absurdity of anti-Semitism and white supremacy, similarly "proven" and propagated by the "scientific authorities," was lost on previous generations. The wars on drinkers, and on fat people, will grow ever more fanatical in our eugenically obsessed era, just as has the war on smokers. There will be thieving taxation, vilification campaigns, prohibitions, massive disruption of social currents, destruction of civility, social dignity, culture, and freedom. It has not stopped and it won’t stop until it is forcibly stopped. Bruno Waterfield says we need to stand up to these people. We do indeed and we must be well armed when we do it.

An article at Spiked Online, also by Bruno Waterfield, lends background. Article links:

Spiked Online: (Link) (stored)

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