"In order to get smoking bans passed, it was necessary to create an atmosphere of hatred toward the ‘enemy,’ to work people into a frenzy over a threat to their health, whether the threat was real or not."
"What mattered was not truth or science but whether the desired result—smoking bans—could be achieved. So truth and science were quickly sacrificed to the-end-justifies-the-means policy of anti-smoking organizations."

That "secondhand smoke kills" is a mantra of antitobacco orthodoxy, utterly baseless, concocted with blithering statistical interpretations, and plain malice. Smoking bans have created massive social disruption, violence, and death, as a matter of plain fact: not conjured statistical abstractions, but real victims, with names. Columnist Edmund Contoski considers the situation in his latest article, for which, please click the link below.



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