Marc Lamont Hill writes of a friend who died of lung cancer. He laments: “Although she was a 40-year-old vegan who exercised regularly and never smoked, Trish was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer that was both rare and aggressive. As soon as I heard the news, I began rummaging through my mind for all the people who were more deserving candidates for early death: the chain smokers who’ve never been sick a day in their life; the convicted murderers who rot in prison cells until they’re 100 years old; the child predators who walk the earth unnoticed and unpunished.”

Yes, that’s right, smokers deserve early death. Smokers deserve punishment just as murderers and child predators do. Vegans who work out and don’t smoke deserve the same respect from the Grim Reaper that they get from politically correct columnists. It doesn’t work that way though. Anybody can get cancer. That includes lung cancer. By far most smokers do not get lung cancer. Biased diagnostics, compounding fallacious statistical interpretation that smoking is “the number one cause” of lung cancer, have been boggling perception on the subject for decades now.

Clinical perception has been boggled, and so with the rise of the Healthist state and the smoker pogrom, has been public perception. Political correctness, the de rigueur bias of our era, wishes disease and death on heretics to Healthism. We regret Trish Creegan’s tragedy, and would the same, if her habits had been less abstemious. We wish no illness on the presumably abstemious Marc Lamont Hill. We wish he would wise up to himself though.

Probably he never will. In concluding his piece he questions the “fallacy” of “wishing suffering” on “so-called bad people”, but this rings rather false, coming from he who so-calls good folks who enjoy tobacco. He says he has learned “that all humans, irrespective of race, class, gender, or geography, are death-eligible. … This means that we must live our lives as intensely, productively and freely as possible.”

We don’t believe he has learned though. We tend to think he wants you to be free to think as he does, free to respect the sorts of folks he respects, and free to consider some more death-eligible than others, based on their relative devotion to his ideology of Healthism. Mister Hill does not say he will assess his neighbors “irrespective of” their BMI, or their liking for jogging, or for cigarettes.

He wants you to hate intensely, and as he sees it, productively. In one form or another prejudice always walks the earth unnoticed and unpunished. This is what we strive against at FORCES. The reign of Healthist Fascism can be ended in time, but we suspect Marc Lamont Hill, like most faithful Antis, will take his own hateful bias to his grave.



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