This looks like a harmless article with a lot of good intentions; but read it carefully. It talks about engineering your environment to MAKE you do what they want you to do. Like all very professionally prepared propaganda should do, the poison is hidden in the beautiful flower.

Also, remember that the standards for obesity were artificially manipulated several years ago to create the “epidemic” in the first place. Although it is indisputable that there are many fat people in the US, that does not mean that there is an epidemic. Before the standards of obesity were manipulated, the obese in the US were 13% of the population. The day after the standards changed they were over 50%.


"The concept of population-level interventions to change contexts for individual behavior is well known from the experience with tobacco regulations," Kumanyika said. Read: the epidemiological and psychological fraud worked for tobacco; let’s use it again.

"Changes in these areas can eventually become ‘normal’ and displace the current ‘normal’ ways of doing things," she said. "Right now, you have to be pretty single-minded to make some of these choices, such as walking or riding a bike instead of driving. We advocate changes that will move the social norm to where physical activity is the custom."

“We’re not talking about creating a dieting society, but looking at choices people make in day-to-day living that affect their ability to manage their weight and then trying to change the environment to facilitate healthier choices," said Kumanyika, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

Modifying the environment to affect people’s choices includes assessing the following areas to identify targets for change:

Locations of fast-food restaurants
Restaurant portion sizes
Availability of high-fat, low-fiber foods and sweetened drinks“

There is only one way all that such modifications can be effected: with coercive legislation that interferes with freedom of enterprise, freedom of choice, and the right of self-determination. For the morally inverted social engineers, modifying the social environment in such a way that people are forced not to choose what they want is absolutely moral, and exactly what the doctor ordered. Still surprised that 50% of the doctors were voluntary members of the Nazi party? Public health is now the enemy of truth and freedom. Its ultimate goal to to dictate, control and enforce all and every aspect of our lives.

Please note that nowhere in the piece are there functional alternatives such as simply presenting the wonderful tastiness of Mediterranean cuisine (which the overwhelming majority of Americans love, especially the Italian type), and stimulating them to become cooks for fun are not even considered, as that would put personal behaviour out of the control of public health authorities.



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