Our readers are sure to appreciate this 1986 clip from the David Susskind Show, a popular US national TV program that ran for decades, which presents some debate on smoking policies.

Note particularly the man sitting furthest to the right of your screen. He suggests smoking should not occur in elevators, but advocates for one’s right to smoke in offices, hospital rooms, and, in answer to specific query from Mister Susskind, in an enclosed (domed) sports stadium, although recommending that smoking and non-smoking sections should be established in this case.

Who is this man? An inveterate smoker? A representative of the Libertarian party? No on both counts, dear readers, the portly fellow is John Banzhaf III, founder of Action on Smoking and Health, the international smoker pogrom headquarters. Attorney Banzhaf is expert at getting away with what he can get away with when and where he’s allowed to get away with it.

In this, the ASH Reichsführer (whose ever-expanding waistline has also recently earned him the soubriquet of "Der Belly" here at FORCES), typifies his movement. Those who watch Banzhaf closely have never believed a word he said. Did you? Don’t be so foolish anymore.

We do not publish this video merely to illustrate the accumulation of fat on Banzhaf’s bones over the past twenty-two years. Please do note the technique of the antismoking bastards, and of all those whose ultimate goal is repression, prohibition, and social engineering: do not appear too “extreme” at first. One cannot con people all at once. Reel them in a little bit at a time, let them get used to the idea that liberty is to be limited, controlled – today by just an inch, tomorrow by a foot, then a yard, a mile … and then to the point of eradication.

The “phasing in” of prohibition through the all-out scientific fraud of the “public health” authorities is the lure that got swallowed by the public fish. Once the public got hooked, the push-and-pull game began. In 1986 Banzhaf states forcefully that antismoking groups only want smoking and non-smoking sections in appropriate locations. That’s all, just smoking sections.

Antismoking groups don’t object to smoking in private offices and even in hospital rooms. Not at all. Doesn’t that sound reasonable? Would you have doubted Banzhaf in 1986? Would you have alleged he wanted to expand to widespread prohibitions, social ostracism of smokers, the eradication of choice on virtually every square inch of the Earth, including redefinition of property rights to extinction and calls for malpractice suits against physicians who "fail" to prescribe pharmaceutical smoking cessation trash for all of their patients who smoke? (stored copy).

The man furthest to the left of your screen in this clip, a reporter for New York’s Newsday, expresses concern about encroaching bans. Banzhaf feigns astonishment. Those who allege such draconian plans amongst antismokers, he avers, are "creating a straw man." Asserting that he speaks for the antismoking movement at large, the Reichsführer reassures his national audience, no such zealous goals are contemplated!

The Newsday reporter remains dubious. He particularly questions "unnamed tests" Banzhaf cites to reinforce antismoking panic. Of course, the "tests" and "studies" cited by antismoking cons never did and do not today support the kinds of regulations that were appearing in 1986, let alone the vicious pogrom of 2008, with far worse in the offing.

Many believed the fanatics years ago and – what is most appalling – many continue to believe them today: when they call for removing children from the custody of smoking parents, when they talk about “denormalization of smoking,” when they call smokers killers.

This has been going on and growing ever worse for decades. For example, even as ASH was itself campaigning for draconian bar and restaurant bans in California, with which they succeeded in 1998, the director of ASH UK that year publicly pledged similarly as had Banzhaf in the US in 1986, that antismoking was not fanatical, bans were not contemplated, those who said otherwise were tobacco industry stooges guilty of "scaremongering."

Did our British readers believe ASH UK then? They are not so foolish anymore. The ASH prohibition campaign won in Great Britain in 2007. It is in fact more draconian than the Californian bans. Many pubs disobey surreptitiously. Thousands more have gone bankrupt, already, within a year. Similar situations are encroaching worldwide. They will not stop anywhere. They will keep growing ever more crazed and vicious everywhere. Instigating hatred of smokers is a multibillion industry.

Would John Banzhaf today, on national television, advocate that doctors should allow anyone who ever smoked to die, because they are eugenically unfit to live? Would he suggest that smokers indeed are guilty of a capital crime for producing "secondhand smoke," that the Newsday reporter should have been hanged, for smoking in his office? Perhaps even now he would be more duplicitous when speaking on television but he advocates exactly along those lines via recent signed press releases.

How far the antismoking filth has gone. Once again, humanity does not seem to be able to learn: when an ideology advocates discrimination, segregation, and repression, it will not stop at the first step, as it just cannot. It has to go all the way, all the time.

You let them get away with what they have gotten away with. Don’t be so foolish anymore. Join the war to reverse this atrocity. One cannot compromise with the Healthist state any more than one could compromise with the Nazi state. Either you destroy evil or it destroys you. Which one will it be?

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