The passing of the Decatur smoking ban ordinance was fraught with struggle, strife, protests and the actual elimination of protesters from council offices by the council calling the police to silence protesters and escort them from council chambers.

Decatur Prohibitionists

Here are the photos of the "Hang em High" guys who shoved through the smoking ban ordinance in Decatur. Gary Hammon and Ray Metzger voted "NAY" and are to be commended.

Decatur Smoking Ban Protest

Here is my footage of the 50 plus people who protested this ordinance in front of City Hall, to no avail.

Mayor Kyle had promised to veto this ordinance, should it pass. He had stated his promise to restaurants in Decatur and by statements in the Press. Instead he passed the most draconian ban in Alabama. I, for one, feel sick with disgust when I have to drive through Decatur. (I never stop there and would never purchase anything in that horrid town).

One silver lining in a cloud of cowardice and hate is that Mayor Kyle was booted out of office August 26.

In order to view the Decatur ordinance, click the link below then click on Decatur Code. Then one must scroll down to Chapter 18.5 – Smoking in Public Places. It is worth noting that most councils are curiously reticent in making avialable to the public the smoking bans they have written.

Decatur Smoking Ordinance



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