On October 29th, 2007, a large protest was staged in front of the Decatur, Alabama City Hall.

The small town of Decatur, Al. has no representation in their city council except for one councilman. Even though fifty people demonstrated against the smoking ban ordinance, the council has no intention of lifting the ban. THREE people took away the rights of many. Councilman Ronny Russell thought health risks outweighed any other concerns. It is obvious Mr. Russell is stating the party line, having done NO homework with regard to second hand smoke. If so, he would have discovered that there is no harm whatsoever.

Lately, what is transpiring in local governments is an ugly form of dictatorship, as the protesters signs stated over and over. In Decatur three people removed the rights of restaurants and bar owners and waitresses to make a living, by forcing smoking bans down their throats for no reason at all. The people don’t want these bans, as evidenced by their protest. And yet they cannot and will not be heard.

Since there is no representation, there should be no taxation either.

Watch video of demonstration



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