Fighters on our side are sometimes invited as guests on radio and television shows which intentionally propagate prohibitionist ideology. Here is one such programme from Italian television in 2007.
The media by and large sees it as its job to promote neo-Nazi healthist ideology and the epidemiological frauds circulated by “public health." This show is an example. The first two guests are the usual antitobacco operatives. The third is the usual former smoker who is so happy to have quit and eager to show to his “less fortunate” former smoking colleagues the utter happiness that comes once you switch to antismoking zealotry. This transformation is best accomplished, of course, with the pharmaceutical “help” promoted by the first two operatives, the second of which is a representative of a smoking cessation "therapy" service (presumptuously called a “clinic” as if it cured actually sick people.) Then comes our side, FORCES Italy members Mariassunta Cappelli and Paolo Gaiba.

The show begins with a telephone intervention from FORCES Italy President Gian Turci in which he points out the epidemiological fraud on passive smoking. Gian also elucidates on the hysterical antitobacco propaganda on active smoking, its reliance on faulty "lifestyle epidemiology," and declarations of supreme “authority." Gian’s inescapable factual criticisms are, naturally, entirely ignored by the “experts,” who are trained to ignore reason, and simply chant orthodoxy. The debate then moves one-on-one with the members of FORCES. The two hosts try to inject as much antismoking bias as possible.

The usual story of “addiction” is brought up and the usual points on where an “addiction” begins are carefully avoided by the experts. Points of fact and reason raised by the FORCES members are promptly dubbed as “provocation” by the hosts. For example, the antitobacco shills tout a 30% increase in lung cancer risk (based on chosen junk studies) as ostensibly significant. When our folks point out that a 100% relative risk increase from electromagnetic fields has been declared insufficient as a risk indicator this is branded a “provocation.” This provides cover for the point to be left unanswered. It is left unanswered.

As the programme proceeds we see this is the rule: antitobacco statements are treated as sage and all factual criticism of the frauds and scares are called “provocation.” Audience phone calls are taken and — what a coincidence! — all agree with the antismoking crooks. This fits the media prescription from the World Health Organization rather too well. The media are to demonstrate an “overwhelming consensus” for smoking cessation and bans, so as to discourage ban opposition, while instigating the public to revile non-conformists. To anyone who understands Italian well, the pathetically biased attempt here, to reinforce that "smoking kills" and quitting smoking is akin to religious redemption, is quite laughable. Very clearly the agenda of this show was, ideology and fraud first, truth never.

We have not told our readers anything that is particularly new, but this show helps to indicate that the antismoking rhetorical standard is not credible in the least. The general public is gradually catching on to this. How is it possible that in every single country on Earth a practically identical percentage (75 to 85%) of the population is in agreement with the bans? How is it possible that they all come up with the same exact arguments, costs, incidence of mortality, preferences — and quitting as both requirement and bliss? Is it possible that there is no disagreement on the planet, in any nation, any city, within any household, when there is disagreement on everything else on the planet?

Doesn’t this all sound like sleazy, cheap Communist propaganda to you? You bet it does, and it is all manufactured by the gangsters in Geneva, piped through the ministries of “health,” and delivered by media whose budgets often depend heavily on pharmaceutical advertisement. That is one of the reasons why the FORCES Multimedia portal exists: to give you the rest of the story — and the guarantee that the healthist bastards can’t control what is said here. The mainstream media tries most often to suppress, and otherwise to dismiss opposition to antismoking, the patent attempt made with this Italian show. Do your part to spread the word. Contemporary antitobacco is a vicious health fascism.

Click the link below for the video in the original language. Sorry, no subtitles yet.



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