We hate to agree with Philip Morris which, for all intents and purposes, has turned into a division of the antitobacco propaganda machine, but this time we must.

At the bottom of this page is a link to an automatic forwarder to the House of Representatives in support of the presidential veto, and to say NO to the predatory increase by $6.10 per carton of cigarettes to finance primarily the child health care of non smokers. The site includes a link to see who are the legislators who voted against YOU as a smoker.

In the last seven years the criminal antitobacco enterprise has increased taxation on cigarettes some 73 times in the United States, taking advantage of a politically defenceless category of citizens which has become target practice for hatred, discrimination and abuse. It is high time that smokers react with all the force that is necessary to defend themselves.

We are not the only ones to be convinced that this tax – and antitobacco in general – has become pure and simple criminal behaviour. Here is a link to a Fox News show where strong opinions against the tax and the absurdities reached by antismokers are expressed. It is interesting to read the blog following the show at the bottom of the same page – and see the violence that antismokers intend to use (and are using) against smokers if and when they decide to exercise their right to smoke.

The antitobacco social problem is to be taken seriously by its victims. If this trend is not stopped with whatever it takes the most horrendous abuses will take place – and not only from the looting taxation point of view. Are smokers prepared to be victims all the way, and pave the way for new victims after them?



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