When logic and reason run out, they only sensible thing to do is to break the damnable law, and make sure that as many as possible keep on breaking it, as to make it difficult and expensive for “public health” to enforce it. We link to another story from Great Britain.

That is not the usual way of a civilized society, but a society stops being civilized the moment it imposes a smoking ban – when there are excellent and functional alternatives to make smokers and non smokers happy. Leaving everyone alone always sufficed for that.

The fact that smokers and non-smokers may cause annoyance to each others is not the issue at all. The issue is that crooks in medical associations and in “public health” institutions and state ministries use epidemiological fraud and pseudo-communist ideology to pave the market for the pharmaceutical giants who want to sell tons of antidepressants. It is well known that smoking has a powerful antidepressant effect. Big Pharma has activated its political marionettes all over the world, to help it replace cigarettes with pharmaceutical nicotine, and with its more powerful and brain-screwing antidepressants.

Of course ministries of ”health” and antismoking activists should be made to rot in jail for that – and the reaction is building. Hopefully, in the future the reaction will transform itself into pro-action to restore liberty and freedom of choice and to punish those who are responsible for the current state of affairs.

In the meantime, we cannot help but shake our heads at the pathological denial of the Nottingham “health authorities” who, like the rest of “public health”, will not change the crank even when faced with squashing evidence. Faced with smoke right in their face, they say: "We are satisfied with the way that the smoke-free legislation has been introduced in Nottingham. The majority of local residents wanted this law introduced and it seems to have been positively received by smokers and non-smokers alike."

Keep on dreaming. Of course not only is Mr. Thomas an idiot, but he is also the usual antismoking liar. The local residents DID NOT want the law introduced; at most they may have wanted smoking regulated – and regulation does not mean a ban. Where is the specific referendum – the political vote of the people – to support that assertion? In Nottingham as everywhere else in the world, it is in the same place where the proof that passive smoking harms people is: nowhere. All there is are opinion surveys paid by the same crooks who have conceived the smoking ban!

Even if most citizens wanted a smoking ban it would not be fair. The test of democracy is protecting the rights of minorities. Would it be fair to make all churches hold Church of England services? Would that be fair to all other denominations? What would you call a man who could not tolerate others doing what they please in places he does not go to? What is democracy today? Laws based on fraud and supported by opinion surveys? That is the case and we are going to change it.



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