We link to a report on the imminent extension of Turkish bans from a source in the Balkans. A "powerful anti-smoking lobby," we are told, spouts the usual fallacious statistical interpretations, but the Turkish people smoke on, as do their Balkan neighbors. Also in common with their neighbors, the Turks have no intention of being tyrannized, but will expand their tradition of defiance with every expansion of the bans. The situation is described:

"As BalkanTravellers.com reported, reactions to the imminent smoking ban were largely negative. Many smokers reportedly see the new law as an infringement of their civil liberties and say they will ignore it, as they largely do with existing partial bans on smoking in hospitals, schools and other public premises … Though most of the remaining countries in Balkans have partial smoking bans, which prohibit cigarettes in places such as hospitals, schools and administrative buildings, for the most part they are largely ignored and rarely enforced, as are requirements to have separate smoking and non-smoking sections in bars, cafés and restaurants."

Powerful anti-smoking lobbies are not so powerful as the masses, not in Turkey or anywhere, no tyrant is. Defiance is growing everywhere. Join in the movement to restore dignity and choice. The time is now.



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