In Denmark there is still choice, in Britain there is not. In Denmark beer sales are up, in Britain thousands of pubs have gone bankrupt.
The Danish sales increase is reportedly concentrated in small bars where smoking is still permitted. The British publication the Publican draws the parallel and wonders why there can be no choice in the UK. A semi-literate internet commentator calling himself runner44 responds (sic): "What utter rubbish as usual about smokers ‘freedom of choice’ no one is asking you to stop smoking just to stop in public places where the health of others is put at risk … its time to give up on the selfish agenda that you have and move on!"

The selfish agenda is allowing people to tolerate and accommodate each other as they always have according to their own preferences: to allow or disallow smoking as they desire. Bar owners are also selfish enough to regret their financial ruin. The "unselfish" agenda is, in the eyes of runner44 and all cretinous smoker haters, disallowing all choice everywhere, in preference for the dictates of cretinous smoker haters, to be imposed on every square inch of the Earth.

We said every square inch of the Earth. Even Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) promised just ten years ago that antitobacco had no desire to implement smoking bans in British restaurants and pubs. It called claims to the contrary "scaremongering," though it was, incidentally, simultaneously and strongly supporting just such bans in California and elsewhere in 1998. The antitobacco battering ram is poised at the front door of your "inviolable" home right now. Don’t doubt it.

Are cretinous smoker haters still wielding the battering ram in Denmark as well? Don’t doubt that. The Publican fails to note an important point. The remaining options for choice in Denmark are already slated for extinction. Resist. Defy. Organize. Unless cut short, and soon, antitobacco is going to put you, personally, behind bars. Fight back hard and do it now.



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