In this live television show recorded on Sunday, January 9, 2005 (the day before the start of the Italian smoking ban) FORCES Italy President Gian Turci, before an audience of over 5.5 million people, denounced the passive smoking institutional fraud.
His opposition was a representative of the ministry of “health," the usual bureaucratic party line medico, who expected the usual arguments based on rights and freedom, but who got instead some hard scientific facts he was not prepared for, as well as some common sense hits. Those who say that Italians have accepted the smoking ban like sheep ("take Italy for example") should look at the demeanour of the smokers behind Gian to see how “peacefully” smokers did (and do) take the smoking ban, which is evaded everywhere, and flagrantly defied, as it should be, in many areas of the country.

What happened following the show is most interesting. The day after, the boss of Gian’s television opponent, the minister of “health” himself, Girolamo Sirchia, went into public fits. He was very clearly threatened by the truth and by the positive public response to Gian’s denunciation. So he attacked Gian. First he fulminated to the national newspapers. Then he used another major TV show to drag the host of the original programme (the first guy you see at the beginning of this clip) before the cameras again, to punish him, through a “trial by media,” for having invited a “little, litigious man who dared challenging medical authority," amongst numerous other insults.

That defamatory call to a lawsuit earned him a lawsuit. Gian sued Sirchia the very next day and that suit is still in progress. It goes without saying that Gian was not invited to defend himself at the "trial by media" farce. It also goes without saying that the (since resigned) Italian Minister of Health Sirchia does not represent respectable medical authority. He is a propagator of fraudulent "science" on passive smoking and an example of the moral and ethical decay of the “Public Health” institution in Italy and around the world.

In decent times such persons go to jail. This one in fact may. A few months after his attack on Gian Turci, Sirchia was charged with eight different counts of graft and corruption, including taking payola ("tangents," as they are called in Italy) from medical equipment manufacturers, while promoting their interests and spouting the usual lines of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Those criminal trials also are still in progress. Of course none of this cows the infinitely fanatical antitobacco gang. In spite of Sirchia’s obvious corruption, Italian antismokers call him a “hero," clearly demonstrating, once again, their irrecoverable moral inversion. Lies are truth, bad is good, on it goes with antitobacco, a movement overripe for total destruction.

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