The ideologically corrupt and junk science-driven smoking bans continue and will continue to devastate the economy while doing absolutely nothing for “public health”.

This time it’s France’s turn, soon to be hit by prohibition. We already know that, unlike many other nations, the French have not been quick to roll over. Tobacconists and many smokers made a sizeable demonstration in Paris, with over 10,000 participants against the upcoming smoking ban. Now they have found new allies, the shisha bars. “Unless the government relents, the smoking ban will spell the end of these exotic tea rooms, where customers puff apple or honey-scented tobacco from waterpipes, or shishas.”

But the government probably will not relent, because both the healthist ideology and the pharmaceutical industry are aggressively lobbying the government with false statistics. “Public health” is determined to destroy the fabric of society and the economy in the name of its sick ideology, which needs no proof of causality and justifies an infinity in costs if it serves to “save” just one statistical life. No cost is too high for these sick fascists to obtain total lifestyle control.

And keep in mind, all the time, that not even one death has ever demonstrated to be caused by active or passive smoking. Of course even this article speaks of the "harmful effects" of the shisha smoking, catering to the "experts" who cannot prove anything and to the crooks of the World Health Organization. At any rate the stakes are high, the game is absolute control over politics and economics. “Public health” and Big Pharma have a solid grip on the situation, with very many dishonest people who support them just because “they don’t like smoking”, and they are quite willing to trade institutional integrity in exchange for fascist laws that suit them. With a situation like that, disobedience and extreme force is necessary, as it is the only way to achieve some freedom and respect. The alternative is total subjugation.



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