Wouldn’t that be a newspaper header many would like to see? But fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the take) we are not talking about the American FDA, but the Chinese one.

“Zheng, 63, was convicted of taking cash and gifts worth $832,000 when he was in charge of the food and drug agency.” One can tell that China is a developing country. That kind of money is a penny-ante, a token grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to antitobacco activists, nowadays. Yet they are defrauding the public just the same.
Try this on for size: “During Zheng Xiaoyu’s tenure as head of the State Food and Drug Administration from 1997 to 2006, the agency approved six untested drugs that turned out to be fake, and some drug-makers used falsified documents to apply for approvals, according to state media reports. One antibiotic caused the deaths of at least 10 people.”
Wow…! How many did the Zyban smoking cessation drug kill, once again? — after being taken off the market as an antidepressant because it was killing people, and after being recycled as “smoking cessation” by the American FDA (and it’s still on the market today!) for use by disposable citizens such as smokers, that is? We do not know the exact body count, but one thing is for certain: it was a hell of a lot more than that! If we use the same metre that China does, Western “public health” executives should be sentenced to at least 50 years of gas chamber!



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