More and more companies are looking into your smoking, eating and drinking habits and even who you support politically. Is that any of their business? They think so. We don’t.

Obesity cost more in higher insurance premiums than any other lifestyle choice but they are protected under Federal Law (wonder how that happened).
Ross Hopkins, who worked for an Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser beer distributor in Colorado got fired because his boss found him drinking Coors Beer, instead of Budweiser. Others were discriminated against and fired because they had a political bumper sticker on their private cars.

Thirty states prohibit discrimination against employees for smoking, drinking etc., but 20 states do not. Countless companies have continued to implement a zero tolerance policy but others have learned that the additional 5% in health insurance costs that they might save, was prohibiting them from recruiting qualified candidates and have dropped those discriminatory policies. Two examples are the North Miami Florida police department and CNN.

This is what happens when the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and the American Heart Association, chose and encouraged the demonization of smokers. When people are encouraged to report their neighbors for smoking it opens the door to criticize anyone for anything deemed "politically incorrect".

We urge state legislators in the 20 states who do not have legislation to protect workers – from being fired or not hired for engaging in "politically incorrect" but legal activities outside of the office – to start introducing and passing legislation to protect all workers from corporate "bullies".



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