The disobedience to the Nazi antismoking laws that is going on in England and in Germany and the recent, disgusting arrogance of health kommissar Markos Kyprianou (now getting to the point of threatening sovereign nations that do not fully submit to his brand of fascism) speaks volumes about great many things.
Smoking prohibition is more than suffocating the right to smoke. It is more than enforcing health scares and epidemiological fraud perpetrated by corrupt health “authorities” who have betrayed their institutional mandate and utterly disgraced themselves. It is more than suppressing behaviour and more than oppressing good people.

Smoking prohibition, and the revolt against it, is the clash of two universes, as alien to each other as matter is to antimatter. The antis (which we’ll appropriately call "antimatter") believe that health authorities have the right and the duty to use whatever force is necessary to impose their fundamental philosophy: all must agree and abide that health is, by far, the greatest value of society, and that any other value must fall before it.

To that tyrannical end, they are willing to deny any evidence, any democracy, any liberty or economic consideration – let alone truth and respect – to impose their sacred ideological beliefs. These they consider so much higher than anyone else’s as mount Everest is to the oceanic depths of the Mariannes.

The Healthist ideologues despise any debate or discussion. These are heresy. They despise their opponents. These are heretics: assumed always to be corrupt, or at best mad, “sick” people in need of their “help”. They consider any means licit and “moral” which may advance their fanatical agenda: scientific fraud, false information, hate-mongering, anything goes in the name of their proclaimed god: health.

Against this antimatter stands positive matter, not just the smokers, but all those who believe in choice. Choice is an infuriating anathema to the antis. The tragedy is that the anti-human trash, well supported by the pharmaceutical industry, has managed to creep to political power everywhere: in the ministries of health mainly, but also in politics and bureaucracy, while complacent positive matter (i.e. the sane among us) did not believe such a thing possible. Our incredulity was a tragic and unforgivable mistake. Yes it is still hard to believe this could have happened. It has happened. Now we must correct the situation with extreme force.

The only way to fight vicious and empowered “public health” – and especially the mental architecture and scale of values that it represents – is with massive force and disobedience. Let us not delude ourselves that these fanatics can be stopped with petitions or even with civil disobedience. Especially if disobedience is successful, they will not hesitate to blackmail governments and to induce them to use physical force against smokers, fatsos, drinkers, and all those who affirm personal choice over epidemiological fraud and fanatic ideology.

We fooled ourselves that today’s travesty could not happen. Let us not fool ourselves again. That Healthism should collapse under the weight of its own fraudulence does not mean that it will so collapse any time soon. These fraudsters are empowered and they are entrenched. They will raise the stakes to the bitter end, unstopped by economic disasters (they will simply falsify the information and say that "the economy is booming and everybody is happy" through their media lackeys), national constitutions, or any conventional democratic device.

They will use blackmail (withholding of medical care and even pensions); they will promote and legalize job discrimination against smokers and other victims (already stated by several political health crooks in Europe); they will invade your homes as sure as sunrise and, worse comes to worst, they will use the police and even the military, if they can manage it, and dear readers, they might. Please don’t dismiss this as rhetorical exaggeration. Remember that incredulity is what permitted today’s enormities. Read our archives. Every prediction on this trend by FORCES in the last ten years has come true. Do not doubt the capacity of empowered fanatics to greater enormity. Let us not be Chamberlains.

We have to ask ourselves what we are prepared to do against these hardcore, fanatical ideologues in their bureaucratic suits and ties or saintly-white medical garb. Good examples are set by many British pub landlords, such as the one in this video, and in many areas of Germany. These exemplify good beginnings. Much more is needed.

Smoking must go on in violation of these laws, rampantly, right in the faces of the Kyprianous of this world, constantly, in groups, more and more widely as we organise in nation after nation. When they raise the stakes, our side must do the same – and reverse the next call on them. If you have not quit smoking under the onslaught of Healthism by now you have proven your sanity. You can never be one of them. So they will hound you off the planet, unless, and only unless, you choose to fight. What is left is ideology – which one shall it be?…

Let us learn from history for a change. What ensured the peace between the USA and the fanatically ideological USSR was the only thing possible: MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction. There is no need for nuclear warheads here, but the MAD mentality may be applied: disobedience, law suits, passive and active resistance, economic damage, indoctrination, political votes and lobbying, information wars, breeding of contempt for law, sowing of social disarray — day to day, door to door… in the physical, psychological, moral, ideological and economic areas. Make your oppression a misery and an impossibility for your oppressor. Then, and not before, your oppression will end.

It is not just our world we have to worry about, folks, but that of our children. Can we abide a smoke-less, fat-less, alcohol-less (and God knows what else) society ruled by health pigs like Kyprianou? Can we salute petty fanatical dictators and allow them to implant microchips in our bodies to know our every move? Can we live in Hell? Do you want your kids there? It’s very clear. Do not doubt where these bastards are going. Stop them now.

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