Do we need to repeat the same thing all the time? Yes, we do, because the grotesque propaganda of Tobacco Control never ceases. Jescee Bennett, writing in the Utah Statesman, is a liar who gives false information to her readership. She is a sick ideologue who describes four "myths," of which only the last is actually untrue. What is most incredible in this piece, is Jescee’s form of debunking, as we shall reveal here.
She says:

“Myth #1: Secondhand smoke is not dangerous. The Truth: Secondhand smoke (SHS) is a complex mixture of gases and particles emitted from a burning cigarette, cigar or pipe tip”

Truth # 1: Secondhand smoke is not dangerous. It is indeed a complex mixture of gases and particles emitted from burning tobacco, that is typical as for any organic substance that burns. Jescee fails to note that with SHS under any normal circumstance the quantities of those gases and particles are so insignificantly small, they constitute no danger whatsoever. Bennett intentionally plays on common ignorance about the complexity of the organic world to scare smokers and non-smokers into the acceptance of her political and ideological beliefs. She also lies within her article on the mortality of passive smoking, repeating a statistical fraud that she cannot prove, even for one person. Peope like Bennet are exactly the type that accepts no scientific debate whatsoever in the issue while preaching from a pulpit built of lies. The reason is simple: in a real scientific debate she would not be able to defend any of her statements.

In “Myth # 2” she surpasses every limit of medieval superstition:

“Myth #2: Secondhand smoke outdoors is not dangerous. The Truth: Regardless of whether or not a person is exposed to SHS indoors or outdoors, it is still an increased risk to their health.”

Truth # 2: The “scientific” studies she mentions are a scientific fraud perpetrated by people who deserve jail terms rather than grants. The studies have been debunked by numerous parties, and the most worrisome thing is that the authorities have taken no legal action against the fraudsters. If passive smoking has never been demonstrated to be dangerous indoors, imagine how dangerous it can be outdoors.

“Myth #3: Air pollution is more harmful than secondhand smoke. The Truth: Multiple studies have been conducted that prove this argument wrong. Here are just two. One study concluded that air pollution emitted by cigarettes is 10 times greater than diesel car exhaust. Another study conducted at outdoor cafes reported that air pollution at the outdoor cafes with many smokers were 5 to 20 times higher than on sidewalks of busy streets polluted by bus, truck and auto traffic. Both of these studies can be found at”

Truth # 3: Certainly they were found at the website of an esteemed cracker. The first study has been debunked as a methodological fraud. Here is another scientific fraud debunked along the same lines. Other studies indicated that, both for expoure to air quality and exposure to passive smoking, the levels were ridiculously low, on the order of 6-9 cigarettes per year. Be that as it may, in all cases there is no scientific demonstration that there is any harm. The fact that our generation is the longest-lived generation ever in spite of ACTIVE smoking demonstrates empirically that ideologues like Bennett are deliberate liars. On the other hand, consider the source: Jescee Bennet herself is currently the Tobacco Coordinator for the Bear River Health Department. Our regular readers realize the mere fact that she is with Tobacco Control qualifies her as a liar and a cheat. Repace is entirely dependent on the industry of secondhand smoke scares on top of his general reputation as an extra-large Saltine.

However, finally one truth comes up in this list of deception:

“Myth #4: Smoking is a Constitutional Right. The Truth: The following information is quoted from ‘There is no Constitutional Right to Smoke’ handout produced by the Public Health Institute: Technical Assistance Legal Center. ‘Proponents of the right to smoke often claim that smoking falls within the fundamental right to privacy, by arguing that the act of smoking is an individual and private act that government cannot invade. Courts consistently reject this argument.’”

That is correct — to the point that the antismoking bastards WILL come into our homes and cars, forbidding us from smoking IN OUR OWN PROPERTY. That is the reason why it is essential, for all smokers in the world, to get organized so that smoking BECOMES a statutory right or, better yet, a special, protected right. Given the opposition of fanatical ideologues of the calibre of Jescee Bennett, that can be achieved only with force. Failure to do that WILL mean that the bastards WILL come into our homes to regulate our food, our drinks, and how we raise our children — all in the name of “health,” and justified with trash science developed for their criminal purposes.

There is one more reason why the fight against tobacco control must exceed the issue of smoking: it is the duty of every citizen everywhere to combat the institutionalization of scientific fraud — and deception in general — for political and social engineering purposes. We cannot allow fraud such as that of Tobacco Control to go unpunished, or fraud will become the system. Such is already leading to disasters. It’s time to get busy. The fight for civil rights and Tobacco Control-free institutions is just beginning to roll.

We link below both to the original Healthist article and to a rebuttal which subsequently appeared in the same newspaper.

Original Article: (Link) (stored)

Rebuttal Article: (Link) (stored)



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