Articles at all critical of epidemiological pseudo-science have been rare indeed in the literature of the (undisciplined) discipline itself but dissension is creeping even into these pages. "Lifestyle epidemiology" is so far and tragically off-base that the necessary correction will have to come from outside its haughty and self-protective ranks. However, we offer two related articles here, such that interested readers may keep abreast of the insufficient "dissension in the ranks." The first of the two is from Epidemiologic Perspectives and Innovations, a professional journal. The second link is to a Taking Liberties blog report on such queasy and quibbling epidemiological introspection, as well as some other subjects, on the same page. Click the article titles to read the original postings. Stored links are also provided.

Warning: Anti-tobacco activism may be hazardous to epidemiologic science (stored)

Pseudo-science and anti-tobacco activism (stored)



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