A Bhutaneses monk has been sentenced to three years in jail for tobacco possession.
23 year old Sonam Tshering was caught trying to smuggle about three pounds of chewing tobacco into Bhutan from India.

"I should be punished, but the penalty could have been lighter, as I wasn’t aware about the act," said Tshering.

With all due sympathy and support for Mr. Tshering, FORCES begs to differ. Mr. Tshering should not be punished at all, and he committed no real crime.

As reported in the article linked below from the Hindustan Times of India, a Facebook group called "Amend the Tobacco Control Act" has sprung up in support of Mr. Tshering. Unfortunately, it seems from the comments posted that this group approves of tobacco control, but agrees that Mr. Tshering’s sentence is too harsh. If you use Facebook, visit the group, and decide for yourself.



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