The marijuana-friendly Dutch coffee shops will not be spared the prohibition of the fraud-based Dutch tobacco smoking ban effective this July 1st. Very stupid, yes, but read on, it gets more stupid.

It is clear that the “dangers” of passive smoking are a scientific fraud. It is clear that the ministries of health are knowingly conning their citizens by falsely representing passive smoking as a danger to public health. That is done both to further the interests of the pharmaceutical multinationals to which the "authorities" are sold and from which they are controlled, and because they are so sick with overdoses of paternalism (get people to quit smoking), that they don’t even have the courage to give their movement its proper name of Fascism; so they call it “public health”.

Having defined the unelected criminals that rule us today, let us go to the nonsensical and to the stupid, as this may be more entertaining. The traditional coffee shops – places where only people of legal age can go with the obvious intention to smoke – are not exempted from the ban, as all must be equally under the thumb of public health bastards. Absolute bastards, absolutely antithetical to true public health, must tyrannize absolutely.

The stupidity is also absolute: if the joints smoked in coffee shops are 100% marijuana and 0% tobacco, then they can be smoked, because "public health" implies that only the passive smoking of tobacco is harmful. The virtually identical passive smoking of marijuana which, as it is burning organic materials, contains generally the same substances as tobacco smoke (and in essentially the same puny, utterly insufficient quantities to harm anyone even after a lifetime of exposure) is not harmful.

The story would be the the same for herbal cigarettes that contain no tobacco, but that doesn’t come up in this context, and of course nothing having to do with reason has anything to do with antitobacco policies in Holland or anywhere. To the Dutch health bastards, as for all the rest, science (and chemistry) is a matter of opinion, emotions, paternalism, and pharmaceutical interests.

The absolutely ridiculous gets compounded by the totally pathetic. We’re told of: “Marc Jacobsen, of BCD, a national association of coffee-shop owners which has been urging the government to give them special status …”

Here we go again with the exemption mentality: beg the tyrant and the con in power to “be good to you”: tell him to concentrate instead on the oppression of others. Kiss up to "public health" and maybe they’ll give you a badge, and privilege, as a deputy bastard. Very stupid, yes, and worse than stupid.

The reasons smoking bans exist are the very reasons Fascism existed: acquiescence: collaboration: damn foolishness: 1) “As long as it does not touch me it’s OK — and see if I give a damn about you”; 2) Hope that the castor oil that Fascists used to bestow for “educational” purposes will not be administered to ME – today – and, in exchange, I will cheer them when they administer it to others, so they will like me and they’ll never give it to me.

That cowardly loss of human dignity never worked and never will. Fascists have to be hanged from the tallest tree and not begged to or "reasoned" with – whether they wear black shirts or white coats; whether they profess anti-Jew epidemiology or anti-smoker epidemiology.

All the rest of Marc Jacobsen’s babble about logic and freedom we have heard a million times and it makes us laugh. Has this guy smoked too many joints? The dope simply does not understand that he is dealing with Fascist bastards who could not care less about freedom, truth and logic. Or else perhaps he just likes to cry, and hope that some gallant Lancelot will come out of nowhere to the rescue of a few coffee shops. Jacobsen’s distressed cry is, "Save me, save me, and screw everybody else!"

It will not happen. There is no Fascist Lancelot. The bastards have no soft spot for those who weep and moan: the cries for mercy are part of the sadistic pay-off. The sadists want pain, they crave shrieks, all around them, loud and clear. As the article indicates, financial disaster is around the corner – not just for the coffee shops, but for the hospitality industry as well, as has happened with these bans all over the world. Again, see if somebody cares: “…But the Dutch Health Minister, Ab Klink, is impenitent. ‘A positive side effect of the smoking ban,’ he said, ‘may be that consumers who spend the whole day hanging out in coffee shops will find other things to do.’ “

There you go, little people, learn your place: the narcissistic paternalist has spoken! Oddly enough we agree, however: indeed smoking consumers (joints or cigarettes is irrelevant) should find other things to do – such as getting organized and acquiring sufficient force (physical, financial and political) to dethrone "public health", its Fascist ideology, its rotten institutions, and its junk science. There are many ways to fight. There are many ways to damage them – and fatally, too. The first indispensable ingredient is courage.

The coffee shop owners may try to get by on the difficulty of distinguishing cigarettes made of marijuana, tobacco, or a mixture (in Holland, marijuana joints are most typically rolled mixed with tobacco.) How well they get by will depend on the vigour of enforcement and the preponderance of finks. There is already trepidation on this point, as evidenced by coffee shop owners who are building super-ventilated and super-expensive telephone-booth-style smoking chambers. Socializing in telephone booths was never big anywhere and it ain’t gonna take off now, but anyway, the booths may be outlawed at any moment: our regular readers know that.

To the Dutch who just want to get by, going along to get along, to those who acquiesce, to those who beg for status as deputy bastards, we say: happy bankruptcies, financial, and moral. Maybe one day you’ll fight. Some are fighting now and the time to join them is now. Until this war is over your tolerant nation is dead. The choice is yours. Join the new smoke-free World Order and the Healthist ideology – or get serious about destroying it from the foundations up, so that it can’t ever be rebuilt, not again, never again after this time.



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