Doctor Hairychestnuts, a typical lifestyle epidemiologist, has a Ph.D. in asininity.

The authoritatively bespectacled Doctor Hairychestnuts introduces FORCES readers to the freewheeling and fanciful science of lifestyle epidemiology with a snickering lecture entitled "Random Numbers". Such numbers, craftily arrayed, have brought the doctor fame, fortune, and a limitless ability to degrade the pipe-puffing professors of real science he always hated, as well as anyone else he takes a dislike toward.

The more he degrades, the more the degraded culture comes to agree that he is the sole perfection, and so he spins his numbers in perpetual glee. Lifestyle epidemiology seems the obvious choice for anyone seeking a career as a professional son of a bitch. The only hitch would be if people started recognizing reason and decency again. If they did Doctor Hairychestnuts would get what he really has coming. He doesn’t see it coming. What do you say we surprise him?

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