Supporters of free choice and property rights from around the world are rallying to the cause of jailed UK publican Nick Hogan.
Only five days after UK pub owner Nick Hogan was sentenced to six months in jail, nearly £5700 so far of the £10,000 needed to free Mr. Hogan from jail has been collected in an outpouring of support. UK blogger Old Holborn is in communication with Mr. Hogan’s family and is gathering donations at his blog (linked below).

Mr. Hogan is reportedly bankrupt and was unable to pay the £500 per month payments required of him by his local council. Unless his fine is paid, he will have to serve the length of his six month sentence in one the UK’s most dangerous prisons.

If you would like to be part of the effort to free Nick Hogan, a link is available in the top right hand corner of Old Holborn’s blog, which is linked below.



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