A question that was not broached to the Republican candidates on CNN’s November 28th, 2007 YouTube / CNN "Ask a candidate a question" program, which aired for over 2 hours from 8:00 PM, was the question of nationwide tobacco legislation.

Tobacco legislation was indeed the "don’t ask / don’t tell" subject at this debate. Although huge amounts of time were given to some of the candidates (not all) to expound on their own pet subjects, argue with each other, and promote religious beliefs, the tobacco question was conspicuously ignored. It was not ignored due to lack of YouTube questioners, as can be seen here as I link to myself asking the unaskable, about a national smoking ban. I was not alone.

Certainly this question absolutely begged to be answered, but no one wants to touch this hot potato, so the best way to avoid answering is by pretending there is no question! I directed my own question to Ron Paul, as I already knew the answer, from him: Paul rejects the idea of a national smoking ban.

I particularly enjoyed one YouTube question on the subject which I came across and which was directed to all the candidates (link below). I hoped against hope that this clip would appear on national TV, but it did not appear, mine did not appear, none such appeared. Advocates of freedom and of sane public policy are not going away and we shall make ourselves heard despite widespread policies of censorship.



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