The new Surgeon General simply put is – fat. She could loose weight but apparently has chosen not too. Why is that important? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks and she is throwing them. Isn’t she suppose to be an example of the governement’s model of physical health?

Her recently released report on second hand smoke lacks credibility as does she . If there was one ounce of truth in her report, 20 and 30 year olds would be dying from atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and they are not. One would assume then that everyone over 50 would be dead from heart disease or cancer and they are not.

The myths of second hand smoke began when the pharmaceutical companies developed products called smoking cessation devices which deliver nicotine in many different ways but not through a cigarette. How were they going to sell their pills, patches, nasal sprays, etc., to smokers who liked to smoke? Idea: Smoking bans, making smoking socially unacceptable. It couldn’t be done just in the United States, it had to be Globally for fear that people could vacation where they could smoke or actually move there. And so it began and continues. It is a $42 billion dollar business in the United States for the pharmaceutical companies, so they continue to feed those who will work to ban smoking. The only problem with their plan is that politician’s are now hooked on tobacco money. They love it, tax, tax, tax! Smokers pay for SCHIP, a federal program to insure 10 million children, and add hundreds of millions dollars to the state coffers. What is going to replace tobacco tax? Oh, I know alcohol! Alcohol costs the taxpayers $147 billion dollars annually in health care costs, obesity another $146 billion dollars a year.

Maybe, we should only tax "perfect people", by at least 50% more in federal taxes and at least an additional 5% for the state. The perfect people don’t indulge in fat food, caffeine, liquor, bungee jump or any other high risk activity, use condoms and work out at the gym five days a week.

No one is perfect, not the Surgeon General, nor the President (who may or not still smoke). It is time to move on and stop penalizing people for their life style choices.



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