That’s basically the message of this article from Thunder Bay, Canada. Let’s see… Smoking is on its way out as bum "public health" statistics say that the youth smoking is collapsing. And we KNOW that smoking causes everything under the sun and that very few (presumably idiots) disagree with that. How do we know? The “authorities” say so, what more do you want?… Furthermore, now smokers “respect” non smokers (by non smoking in their presence), and have accepted that non smokers don’t have to respect them and their smoking so that “respect” is a one way street towards the non smoking Master Race. Finally, there is even a fraudulent propaganda web site run by the state that appropriately explains the ideology to young people by instrumentalizing them.
And now we’re being told, of course, that passive smoke outdoors can also kill people. Furthermore, “it‘s good that smokers aren‘t allowed to smoke indoors in public places. It‘s good that non-smokers, when they‘re indoors, are protected from second-hand smoke.” BUT… "putting more restrictions on smokers seems kind of, uh, stupid.”
What would be really stupid here is that anyone would cheer this kind of antismoking trash-propaganda-in-disguise, designed to make the lepers “feel good” because there is “someone out there who has compassion for our condition… aren’t we grateful?" Enough of that psycho-trash manipulation. We are going to smoke – indoors and outdoors, and we are going to blow your petty pity in clouds of smoke, and right in your ugly face. How’s that for “giving smokers an outdoor break”?



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