Rush Limbaugh takes on the latest abuse of power by “public health” ideology. New York is poised to forbid smoking in cars if there are minors present – another way to try to regulate smoking out of existence.

While Rush points out one absurd and typical contradiction of the antismoking mentality (kids’ health insurance depends on tobacco taxes, whilst every effort is made to prevent the use of tobacco), we point out an even greater and more blatant fraud. In the words of James Gennaro, ‘I am just seeking every opportunity I can to denormalize smoking and to try to put it out of the reach of kids… I’ve lost family members to lung cancer and I’ve seen what happens.’"

Gennaro’s zealous passion relies on the typical trinity of fundamental frauds on which antitobacco rests.

The statement that active smoking causes cancer (“I’ve lost family members to lung cancer”). There is no scientific evidence whatsoever for this statement. There are only statistics created by epidemiology, which by definition cannot establish causation, about a disease that has 40 concomitant causes. Therefore this is an ideological statement passed as a scientific fact.
The faith that “denormalization” (prohibition and demonization) is an effective tool for eliminating active smoking by intimidating smokers into quitting. There is absolutely no proof that this fascist approach works. In fact, the decrease in the numbers of smokers since the ‘60s has taken place (until recently) in a climate of free choice, not intimidation. As a matter of fact, as soon as the “denormalization” started, the decrease stopped.
The totally fraudulent statement that passive smoke hurts children and adults, when ALL the evidence indicates that such a statement cannot be substantiated. Therefore, the “public health” authorities proceed by consciously misrepresenting that evidence (which is in itself junk science) to pursue prohibition as per (1) and (2)

The antitobacco scum is after total prohibition – make no mistake about that – and it does not hesitate to use fraud and hatred to pursue its goals. And, as Rush points out, if you fall for the antismoking propaganda, “when the taxes from cigarettes and cigars don’t meet the costs, guess who’s going to get taxed next folks? You.” Sure, but the “public health” scum does not care about that. It will tax the fat net, then drinkers, motorists, and so on. And in each case it will showcase its rotten, corrupt junk science to dazzle you with numbers and to bamboozle you into submission.
There is only one way to put an end to this: take risks, speak out, forcefully refuse to condone or cooperate with this. However costly, this will be less costly in the long run than what these antismoking bastards have in mind for us.



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