Here is a laugh-or-cry story from Canada.
Rick Arora runs a tobacconist’s shop in Victoria, British Columbia, but spends much of his time now chewing his nails, and tearing his hair out. Provincial regulations restrict display of his products. Capital Regional District regulations on displays which apply to his shop are stricter. His business is located in a designated historic building, as such regulated so stringently, that he cannot make modifications to meet the display design demands of provincial and regional authorities.

Rick has taken down signs and darkened his windows so as to make the nature of his business obscure, and has also initiated an "adults only" policy within the store, but found that if he also closed his front door, business plummetted to the danger level. In desperation, he re-opened the door, but this means persons under 19 years old, passing by on the street, may be able to discern that he has tobacco products on his shelves, this mere awareness of course endangering their very lives.

Rick can’t figure out how to disguise completely the sordid nature of his trade. He’s trying though. It strikes him odd that he is being so besieged by bureaucracy when it’s commonly known that drug pushers make deals on the street where his shop is located. He keeps his front door open for the cause of sheer survival but knows this makes him a criminal. He says he is "waiting for" enforcement officers to show up.

Rick is a victim, and it seems, a masochist: why is he "waiting": where is his rage? The health poobah in charge, told of Rick Arora’s impossible position in respect to the pathological product display regulations, says, "This was knowingly done by our government and with the support of a lot of people." We’ll call that malice aforethought. While hapless Rick Arora awaits enforcement and economic doom, why don’t you join us and a lot of other people, in working to destroy the sadistic tyranny of empowered Healthist sons of bitches.



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